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Snow Terminator parts layed out and ready for assembly


Your safety is the most important. Before you start installing Snow Terminators, remember to use proper safety gear, choose safe weather conditions, and be mindful of your surroundings. Working on a roof can be risky, so take the necessary precautions to ensure a secure and accident-free installation.

Step 1: Safety

A depiction of how a Snow Terminator is assembled

Assembling your Snow Terminator is a straightforward process. The components come equipped with studs, allowing for a hassle-free assembly. Begin by aligning the two main sides and loosely securing them with the provided nuts. Next, attach the two internal supports, ensuring that the flanges are facing inward. After all parts are in position, fully tighten the nuts.

Step 2: Assembly

A depiction of the preperation cuts made in a Snow Terminator along with butyl application.

On the roof, set your Snow Terminator in the desired location. Make marks on the Snow Terminator where the metal roofing ribs touch the Snow Terminator's flange. Use a reciprocating saw or a small angle grinder with a metal cutting blade to cut the flange so it will sit flat on the roofing. (Don't worry about cutting out parts of the flange. It is rated at 72,000 lbs of shear if every fastener is used. We allow removal of up to 50% of the flange while still being covered by our warranty.

Use metal touch up paint to seal the cut metal.

Apply the butyl seal to the bottom of the Snow Terminator. Don't remove the paper backing yet.

Step 3: Preparing the Snow Terminator

A depiction of how Snow Terminators are fastened to the roof once assembled and prepared

Note: If your roof does not have sheathing (pole barn), you will need to install 2x4 blocking between rafters. Drive a nail through the four corner holes on the Snow Terminator to locate where you need to install the blocking. Blocking is not needed if plywood sheathing is already present.

Make sure the roof surface is dry and free of any dust or debris. Remove the paper backing from the butyl and place the Snow Terminator in position. Fasten with the included screws making sure to not over tighten.

Step 4: Securing the Snow Terminator

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