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   Terminators ship flat and              require some simple   assembly before installing

ST01 Specs:

  • Made in the USA from 14 gauge steel

  • Powder coated for an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly tough finish. 

  • 26 inches long, by 18 inches wide, by 16 inches tall.

  • Comes with all the mounting hardware and instructions for a waterproof install (24 1 & 1/2 inch galvanized 1/4 inch roofing screws and double-beaded beutel tape).

The Snow Terminator is currently only available in Cardinal Powder Coat Grey Hammertone color number #T064-GR660. A visit to Cardinal's website will give you the best idea of the color if you drop this number into their search field.


There is a sharp tooth on the point of the Snow Terminator that breaks up the guillotine sheets of ice which usually builds up two or three inches thick before it breaks and slides and cuts everything off. There's nothing that will prevent snow going over the top of the Snow Terminator that's over 24 inches deep. What we recommend and what works well is to bring the Snow Terminator to the edge of the pipe then strap it using heavy strapping and size 14 self tapping screws into the Snow Terminator itself. This will protect the roof penetration which is the most costly of repairs. Also, some people have used tripod diagonal bars to support the rest of the stove pipe above the 24 inch tall ST-02 Snow Terminator.

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