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Shop now and the SNOW TERMINATOR will totally stop snow and ice damage to your vents, stove pipes and other roof penetrations.    









Do you have an extra $2,500.00 to replace that chimney stove pipe that the snow blasted off your roof?


Your SNOW TERMINATOR will prevent that from ever happening again!













The SNOW TERMINATOR works and looks great on any pitch roof!

AND, It’s guaranteed for LIFE!


It’s made from 14 gauge steel, powder coated, and of course made in the USA!













We know that most people do not want flimsy, galvanized, sheet metal mounted on their beautiful roof. The SNOW TERMINATOR is constructed with a whopping 14 gauge steel and a bullet proof powder coat that looks great on all metal and composite roofs!


Engineering? How does 72,000 lbs. of “Shear Strength” sound!?!


Stop methane gas from coming into your home by installing the SNOW TERMINATOR directly over any vent. The SNOW TERMINATOR'S internal truss/flu system will protect your pipes and vent the gasses safely. The vent disappears and the mount is totally snow and waterproof. It looks great on your roof and it will last forever!


Before SNOW TERMINATOR                                                                               After SNOW TERMINATOR


Protection for Plumbing Vents, Stove Pipes, Gas Vents, Service Entrance Conduit, and More!

Don't let this happen to your beautiful metal roof!
Snow damaged pipe
SNOW TERMINATOR bullet proof powder coating
Stop costly repairs with the SNOW TERMINATOR
After installing the SNOW TERMINATOR
Before installing the SNOW TERMINATOR
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