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The Original Snow Terminator. Trusted by countless customers, our product stands as a testament to durability and effectiveness.


Protect your roof, chimney pipes, plumbing vents and more from sliding snow and ice.

The Strongest Snow and Ice Diverter in the WORLD

Three Snow Terminators protecting vent pipes on a metal roof.

Protect Your Roof From

A bent and deformed roof pipe caused by sliding snow and ice

Bent Pipes

Water damage and a hole left in a roof caused by damage to a roof pipe

Water Damage

Large roof pipe on a nice roof bent from sliding snow.

Expensive Repairs

roof vent pipe clogged with snow

Clogged Vents


Find more information on our FAQ page or explore our shop to make a purchase.

Explore Further

Five Snow Terminators protecting various roof pipes and vents

No Other Product Protects Like Snow Terminators

Snow Terminator installed on a metal roof

Unrivaled in durability, Snow Terminators stand out as the only solution in its class, employing 14-gauge steel for unmatched strength and resilience against winter's toughest challenges.

Made From 14 Gauge Steel

Snow Terminator's powder coat finish

Our Snow Terminators boast a virtually indestructible powder coat finish, not only ensuring unparalleled durability but also guaranteeing an aesthetic enhancement that complements any roof.

Bullet Proof Powder Coat Finish

A Snow Terminator covered in snow, still allowing a ventilation to a covered vent.

On top of being completely snow and waterproof, the internal truss system that gives Snow Terminators their strength is designed to also allow for proper ventilation when placed directly above a vent. 

Can Be Placed Directly Over Vents

A snow terminator protecting an electrical receptacle

Snow Terminator mounting flanges allow for up to 50% removal to accommodate various metal roof profiles, yet, when every fastener is employed, it delivers an impressive 72,000 lbs. of shear strength.

72,000 lbs. of Shear

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